Sometimes people ask Erin to speak about things -- and she has come to love it a lot. Whether it’s a small group or a full auditorium, Erin likes to share her stories and insights with audiences of all descriptions. She may occasionally drop a swear, despite her best efforts not to.


Entrepreneurship & Business:

One of Erin’s favourite topics to discuss is entrepreneurship and business. She is passionate about offering her first-hand perspectives and personal stories on establishing, growing, and leading an award-winning business. She is passionate about corporate culture, the courage to make big changes, creative marketing, and generally not being shitty.


Erin is also a woman in business who loves to talk about women in business. As a female CEO and entrepreneur, Erin has countless stories from her career that will encourage, inspire and entertain. Erin also has unique perspectives on the role women often claim for themselves in the workforce, and how they can better serve themselves and their colleagues.