Erin was born on the side of a mountain in the Steppes of the Himalayas. Love-child to the chief of a Sherpa tribe and a traveling camera saleswoman, raised on the mean streets of Katmandu, Erin honed her skills fighting the dangerous monkeys that terrorize the streets of the ancient city.

Once fully adept in the art of monkey-fighting, Ms. Dunham spread her wings and traveled to North America, learning a smattering of English as she hitchhiked across both Canada and the U.S. Her travels brought her to the sunny shores of California, where she began the psychedelic movement.

Known to her closest friends as an adventurous spirit, her interests include Base Jumping the five tallest free-standing structures on this planet, Lawn Darts, Skeet-shooting (for which she won a gold medal) and the hunt for the Ancient Lost City of Gold. An accomplished musician, Erin has mastered many instruments, among them the Bagpipes, Xylophone, Pan Flute, Kazoo and is at the forefront of the Recorder revolution!

In her limited spare time, she acts as the Theatrical Agent for Jonathan Lipniki and Macauley Caulkin’s younger brother. She is also known as a cunning linguist, speaking many languages including; Farsi, Ancient Aramaic, Klingon, Galadrim Elvish, Comanchee, Nepali, Patois and Oompah-Loompah.

She is perhaps most proud of her multiple degrees, a Phd in Structural Engineering, a Masters in Philosophy and a diploma from the local art college for pottery. As stated earlier, she is also a master of the martial arts earning her 12th degree black belt in Jeet-Kun-Do, and is the foremost Grandmaster of Monkey-Fighting.

But she can write, and occasionally someone will read it, so at least she's got that going for her.

Seriously though, 

Erin grew up and didn’t accomplish much in life past getting kicked out of high school and failing grade ten French twice. She persevered through life and went to college, university and university again to do her masters. She has done quite a bit of travelling through Europe and some warmer climates, as well as extensively across Canada. She enjoys writing, painting, eating delicious food and drinking big red wines; and she is currently trying to master the left-handed high five. She leads a simple yet complicated life surrounded by people she adores. Not as interesting as other people’s lives but she seems to like it.

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